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About Us

Over time, the desert horse has crossed and conquered many continents for the unique qualities it is known for today: performance, stunning looks, pride, temperament, intelligence and movement that is powerful yet elegant and graceful. During it’s long history, the desert horse has also been the improver of almost all indigenous breeds it encountered, without losing it’s unique genetic characteristics guaranteed by a genetic purity that has been faithfully and zealously guarded over time.

The ‘Show World’ provides the opportunity and setting where the uniqueness and purity of the Purebred Arabian Horse can be most radically enhanced, exhalted, retained and refined; these undeniable differences between bloodlines make the Arabian Horse unlike any other. Maybe even ‘the horse’ model for all other horses, while creating a world that involves and unites Arabian Horse enthusiasts from many different countries and cultures that share in this tradition.Despite the many crises of our time, the show world seem to be growing, developing constantly, and we modestly hope to have made a small contribution to this reality.We have been fortunate enough to have met, trained and to have shown World Champions, European Champions, Middel Eastern Champions, National as well as International Champions in show rings around the world: from Rome to Dubai, Paris to Lexington, Aachen to Cairo, and Kuwait City to Las Vegas. These horses are and forever will be etched in our memories not only because of the collection of trophees we are truly proud of and received because of them, but because of the love and emotions they have gifted us with.

Fortunately we have been able to enjoy the good opinions and friendships of many persons that deserve respect and gratitude for the way in which they have contributed and continue to contribue to Purebred Arabian Horse breeding.We have also had the satisfaction of seeing young people trained at our center and with whom we still maintain a relationship of friendship and cooperation, become responsible for centers in many other international training centers. Today our center welcomes horses from all over the world in a flower network of breeders, dedicated to the challenge of quality and excellence at an international level. The experience and specific requests of numerous breeders led us to envision facilities and services dedicated to provide the ideal conditions for reproduction, training and improvement of the Purebred Arabian Horse.

We designed our facilities with the aim to provide the necessary requirements of an efficient show horse training center, but most of all, by keeping the horse’s nature and needs in mind. These facilities and services were also designed to be worthy of the Arabian horse and the world that revolves around the Arabian horse as a breed. We currently use 37 hectares of land for paddocks to ensure that all horses can enjoy their freedom and have the possibility to move in a natural way that is vital for their wellbeing. We have both outdoor as well as covered training arenas, three seperated stabling structures for optimal management of horses, as well as a quarantine area and veterinary services. In order to provide these services, we work with selected qualified persons who for example, have allowed us to achieve a high percentage of successful artificial inseminations and embryo transfers during 2015.

At our center, we have a qualified staff of professionals that possess the knowledge and the necessary skills required not only for the safe preparation of horses for show purposes, but in all situations. Our staff also includes experts that possess specialist academic credentials and that work in close correlation with clinics and scientific centers of excellence. We are proud of our staff and of the spirit of collaboration that unites us; the sense of belonging to a common enterprise and cause that has always placed the welfare of the horse and the expectations of breeders first. We are grateful for the trust of breeders, clients and enthusiasts, and proud of an increasingly loyal group of people motivated by a common passion. Also for this reason, we have chosen a place where owners and enthusiasts can meet in friendship. We have created our facilities near a village with extraordinary charm and a rich historical environment; a small town that welcomes an elite international tourism in central Italy. This way, our visitors can enjoy the nature, history, art and gastronomy of the “Green Heart of Italy “, defined as Umbria.

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